Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Construction of 9800 bridges stalled amid cement mafia

A mafia is being set up by business figures involved in the import and sale of cement, revealed the National Construction Association. This group of business figures has created an artificial shortage of cement in the market, according to Association Chairman Susantha Liyanarachchi.

The construction of 10,000 bridges in challenged areas initiated by the government has been stalled amid this artificially created shortage, he pointed out, adding that construction on 200 bridges was completed last year and another 9.800 bridges are under construction.

The cement mafia has risen the price of cement and caused a severe shortage of stocks in the market, catering negatively to the construction affairs, he pointed out.

Although the price of imported cement was designated to be Rs. 1,575, there are no bags in the market that can be purchased at that price, Liyanarachchi further revealed. These prices are unbearable in view of continuing the construction affairs, he added.


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