Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Sri Lanka’s Egg Prices and Import Impact: A Potential Shift at Rs. 35″

In recent news, the Sri Lanka Association of Animal Production has proposed that local egg prices could potentially be reduced to Rs. 35 per egg, provided the government allows the importation of maize. This suggestion comes in the wake of significant developments in the egg market following the removal of the maximum retail price (MRP) by the government.

Ajith Gunasekara, the President of the Association, highlighted the positive impact of lifting the MRP on egg sales, leading to increased consumption. He further disclosed that measures have been initiated to offer frozen chicken at a price of Rs. 1,250 per kilogram.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) had earlier set price limits for eggs, specifying Rs. 44 and Rs. 46 for white and brown eggs, respectively, per egg. Additionally, the maximum prices for 1 kilogram of white and brown eggs were set at Rs. 880 and Rs. 920, respectively. However, recognizing the ineffectiveness of these price controls and the persisting shortage of eggs in the market, the CAA lifted the price cap on eggs, effective from July 26.

In an interesting development, eggs imported from India, previously designated for bakery use, are now available to consumers at a rate of Rs. 35 per egg in Lanka Sathosa outlets and Rs. 40 per egg in supermarkets.

The Association’s proposal to lower local egg prices hinges on the government’s decision regarding maize importation. This crucial linkage underscores the intricate web of factors influencing the egg market in Sri Lanka and highlights the potential for a shift in affordability for consumers.

As discussions and decisions unfold, the dynamic interplay between imported eggs, local production, and feed imports remains at the forefront of considerations, shaping the trajectory of egg prices and availability in the country.

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