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President unveils ambitious plans for agricultural modernization

By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): The Sri Lankan government has unveiled an ambitious plan aimed at revolutionizing Sri Lanka’s agricultural sector.

The proposed initiative involves the establishment of an Agricultural Modernization Task Force, which is set to encompass all crops and sectors within the industry, according to President’s Media Division (PMD).

Addressing the critical need for collaboration between the government and the private sector, the task force is expected to pave the way for comprehensive agricultural reforms.

The task force will include representatives from respective government departments and selected private sector entities, reflecting the need for a multifaceted approach.

PMD says President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s vision extends beyond crop cultivation to encompass Ranimal husbandry in due course.

In the pursuit of this ambitious agricultural modernization program, the President has highlighted the critical importance of modernizing the Agricultural Support System as a foundational step.

He also underscored the importance of a comprehensive overhaul of the support mechanisms to achieve the envisioned transformation in the agricultural sector.

PMD says the President’s call for modernization extends to various facets of the agricultural support system, including technical expertise, market linkages, and the adoption of advanced technologies.

He acknowledged that a re-imagined support system would play a pivotal role in empowering farmers to embrace modern practices and technologies, thereby boosting productivity and sustainability.

An integral aspect of this initiative is said to be the incorporation of resources and expertise from the Ministries of Agriculture, Plantations, and Irrigation as well as Mahaweli Authority.

This consolidation, combined with the participation of nine provincial councils, seeks to address challenges comprehensively with the assistance of the respective Governors.

PMD noted that the involvement of the private sector will further diversify expertise and resources. President Wickremesinghe’s plan extends beyond governmental agencies, and seeks to integrate universities and research institutions into the modernization endeavour, it added.

The Head of State has emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers and forming specialized groups within the task force.

The goal is to address specific subjects such as paddy cultivation, Mahaweli development and vegetable production. Expertise from individuals will be instrumental in guiding these efforts.

The President has articulated this sweeping agricultural modernization strategy which aimed at transforming Sri Lanka’s farming sector during an agriculture modernisation meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat on Thursday.

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