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Sri Lanka’s Cabinet Approves Emergency Electricity Procurement Amidst Climatic Challenges

In response to prevailing challenging climatic conditions, Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers has sanctioned the expedited acquisition of electricity on an emergency basis. The move aims to address the urgent energy needs of the nation.

As part of this initiative, the government is set to collaborate with two private power plants for the supply of electricity. Minister of Power and Energy, Kanchana Wijesekera, confirmed this development during a press briefing held in Colombo on Tuesday, August 15.

Minister Wijesekera emphasized that among the four private power plant options considered for emergency power procurement, the proposals from ACE Embilipitiya and ACE Matara have been selected and granted approval by the Cabinet.

Elaborating on the rationale behind this decision, Minister Wijesekera explained, “In light of the prevailing arid weather conditions and the controlled release of water from reservoirs, the need for emergency electricity procurement has arisen. This situation is not an outcome of arbitrary decisions, but rather a result of historical political pressures that prioritized water release over power conservation. The government is committed to ensuring the stability of the power supply and, contrary to misconceptions, the risk of widespread power cuts remains minimal at present.”

He further outlined that the procurement process involves the government providing the necessary fuel for electricity generation. The minister reaffirmed that the government’s approach primarily centers on preventing any disruption to power supply and sustaining the functioning of power plants without unnecessary interruptions.

As Sri Lanka navigates through these challenges, the emergency electricity procurement serves as a proactive measure to safeguard the nation’s energy requirements, underlining the government’s commitment to responsible energy management in the face of climatic fluctuations.

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