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Cuba and Sri Lanka examine bilateral ties at legislative level

Cuba and Sri Lanka examined bilateral ties, mainly at the legislative level, during a meeting between Tissa Vitarana, president of the Parliamentary Friendship Group, and the Cuban Ambassador Andrés Marcelo González.

At the meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Sri Lankan Parliament, the Cuban diplomat residing in Sri Lanka and concurrent in the Maldives conveyed a greeting from Deputy Raydel Montesino, coordinator of the recently created counterpart group on the Caribbean island.

It is corresponding to the Tenth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power. González also explained about the composition of the Cuban Legislature and the results of its last session.

Both discussed the willingness to continue developing the existing friendship ties between the two countries and legislative bodies.

The newly formed counterpart group in Cuba. This group, established during the Tenth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, signifies Cuba’s growing interest in fostering international legislative connections.

During their discussion, González took the opportunity to shed light on the composition of the Cuban Legislature and elaborated on the notable outcomes from its recent session. Such insights aim to bridge any gaps in understanding and pave the way for shared legislative experiences and best practices between the two nations.

Both Vitarana and González expressed a mutual eagerness to cultivate and expand the existing bonds of friendship between Cuba and Sri Lanka, especially between their parliamentary bodies. Their conversation hinted at future collaborative efforts, workshops, and exchange programs that could benefit both nations

In previous days, the representative of Cuba to Colombo held a meeting with G. Weerasinghe, general secretary of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka (PCSL) and Wilfred Jayasinghe, member of the Central Committee of the PCSL and in charge of International Relations. During the meeting, topics of mutual interest were discussed, including solidarity with Cuba

Currently, a Cuban medical brigade is providing its solidarity services in several places of Sri Lanka, among them the most distant atolls, within the framework of a cooperation agreement signed between the Ministries of Health of both countries.

The two island nations are united by feelings of brotherhood arising from the visit of the legendary guerrilla commander Ernesto Che Guevara in 1959 to the then Ceylon, after which friendly ties were forged that continue to this day.

A hundred Sri Lankan students graduated in Cuba and are currently health professionals, teachers, coaches and athletes back in Sri Lanka.

Havana acknowledges Colombo’s support in various international forums such as the Non-Aligned Movement and the UN, denouncing the unjust and genocidal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba more than six decades ago.

Also, there is a community of ideas of the two islands around the defense of peace and sovereignty of the peoples.

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