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It is not possible to build a country by appointing jokers to the cabinet – Vidura (VIDEO)

Minister of State Vidura Wickremanayake says that the people are already significantly dissatisfied with the government and that it is not possible to build a country by appointing jokers to the cabinet.

Q. The people appointed this government with high hopes. But there is no relief. Now fuel prices have also been increased. Are you committing dereliction of duty?

“We acknowledge that this increase in fuel prices will put a heavy burden on the people. This is not just for fuel, but sooner other commodities will go up proportionately. Then more burden will be added. We acknowledge that this is a difficult time. And next year could be even harder.

Q: Today, when there is a shortage of dollars, millions of dollars are being paid for a Chinese fertilizer ship. Why don’t you raise your voice?

“It’s wrong. We clearly say it’s wrong. It’s not something that government or the people of this country should pay, it should be paid by those who ordered. Because these are not things that happened through a proper tender procedure. There is no legitimacy. At least they did not check whether the fertilizer was up to standard. That is why all these should be recovered from those who ordered them. “

Minister of State Vidura Wickremanayake stated this while expressing his views to the media in Kandy yesterday (21).

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