Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence to Provide Lifetime Stipends for Disabled Tri-Forces Personnel and Widows

The Ministry of Defence in Sri Lanka has announced that it has put in place necessary arrangements to offer stipends to disabled tri-forces personnel who retire from service due to disabilities incurred during the course of the terrorist war. This stipend will be provided until the age of 55 years and will continue for the lifetime of the serviceman and his widow.

Under the current procedures, if a disabled serviceperson passes away before reaching the age of 55, a medical board must confirm that the cause of death is directly linked to the disability of the individual for the widow to qualify for the aforementioned stipend.

In cases where a disabled serviceperson passes away due to other causes not directly related to their disability, and the medical board cannot confirm a direct link, the widow will be eligible for the Widow’s and Orphan’s Pension, as outlined by the ministry.

In response to numerous requests from affected widows seeking the continuation of allowances and salaries, the Defence Ministry has taken steps to seek Cabinet approval to provide relief to them.

The ministry has urged retired disabled servicepersons and their family members not to be unduly concerned, highlighting that certain groups have attempted to create confusion on this matter.

Furthermore, the Defence Ministry has pledged to take all necessary measures to ensure the welfare of retired tri-forces personnel and their families in the future.

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