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Boosting businesses with ikman Memberships and Online Membership Platform (OMP)

August xx, 2023: ikman, the country’s pioneering online marketplace, is bringing better value to members through its innovative concept of ikman Memberships and the newly introduced Online Membership Platform (OMP) Designed to empower businesses and sellers, these memberships come with an array of features and benefits, ensuring a more prominent presence in the online marketplace while driving business growth.

ikman is the local online marketplace with the widest reach, boasting nearly four million unique visitors every month. Established as a household name and recognized as the number-one platform in the country for buying and selling, ikman provides businesses and individuals with the ultimate platform to showcase and promote their products and services.

With a strong network of over 2,500 members, ikman offers sellers the flexibility to choose the right type of membership, tailored to the needs of their product portfolio. Sellers can effortlessly manage their online shops from anywhere, streamlining the selling process.

ikman Memberships unlock a host of advantages for businesses, enabling them to expand their reach and increase sales. These membership packages are specifically designed to provide the essential tools needed to thrive in the competitive online market. Key benefits include:

Post More Ads at a Lower Cost: ikman Members enjoy the privilege of posting more ads at a significantly lower cost per ad, giving them a competitive edge over non-members. Build Trust: Membership status comes with verified seller and member badges, establishing trust and credibility with potential buyers. Free Promotions: Members get access to free promotions, elevating the visibility of their ads and attracting a wider audience. Your Own Virtual Shop on ikman: Members can personalise their online presence with a dedicated virtual shop on the platform, enhancing their brand identity. Automatic Ad Reposting: The platform automatically reposts ads for members, ensuring continuous exposure to potential buyers. Track Buyer Interest: Members can track buyer interest and engagement with their ads, gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour. Enhanced Ad Content: Members can add more images to their ads, making them more captivating and persuasive. Member Badge: A distinctive member badge sets members apart and showcases their commitment to excellence. Supercharged Ad Discovery: Memberships provide greater visibility and priority placement for ads, enhancing the chances of successful transactions.

For even more convenience, ikman offers the Online Membership Platform (OMP), simplifying the process of purchasing and managing memberships online. The OMP provides almost all the benefits of a standard membership, along with added features for seamless online management. Key benefits offered by the OMP include:

Lowest Per Ad Cost: The OMP offers a discounted version of the standard membership, further reducing the cost per ad. Faster and Convenient Enrolment: The OMP streamlines the purchasing and enrolment process, saving valuable time for sellers. Ideal for Heavy Sellers: The OMP is perfect for private sellers who have exceeded their monthly account limits for free ads in specific categories. Your Own Virtual Shop: OMP members get their own virtual shop on ikman, enhancing their online presence. Access to Ad Analytics: Members can access valuable ad analytics to track and optimise their ad performance. Automatic Ad Reposting: The OMP ensures that ads are automatically reposted for consistent visibility. Dedicated Customer Support: OMP members enjoy dedicated customer support to address any queries or concerns promptly. Easy Online Management: The OMP can be conveniently purchased and managed through web and app platforms (Google Play and App Store), offering maximum ease of use.

ikman encourages all businesses and sellers to explore the benefits of ikman Memberships and the Online Membership Platform, as they provide the ultimate competitive advantage in the dynamic online marketplace.

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