Monday, December 11, 2023

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Police Raid Private Park in Homagama Following Complaints of Indecent Behavior by Minors

The Police in Homagama took action to raid a private institution’s park following multiple complaints of minors allegedly engaging in inappropriate behavior within small rooms located on the premises.

Reports suggest that the Homagama Police initiated the raid on Sunday, September 24, in response to concerns raised by parents and religious leaders in the area. These complaints centered on school-aged children reportedly engaging in misconduct with minors visiting the park.

Upon the request of concerned parents and religious figures, the Police secured a search warrant from the Homagama Magistrate’s Court to conduct the raid. As a result of the operation, approximately 24 young couples, who were allegedly involved in indecent behavior within the rooms, were taken into Police custody.

Following the intervention, the Police provided guidance to the group and subsequently released the female individuals to their respective guardians. Investigations have indicated that a significant number of these young couples had originally informed their families that they were attending tuition classes, raising concerns about their activities.

During the course of the raid, tensions reportedly flared as the park’s owner confronted the Police, adding to the complexity of the situation. Further inquiries and actions by law enforcement authorities are expected as they continue to investigate the matter.

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