Monday, December 4, 2023

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Sri Lanka Original Narrative Summary: 01/10

  1. Central Bank “burns” a massive 19% of its usable Forex Reserves of USD 2,465 mn as at end-July’23 by selling USD 467 mn to the Forex market to “defend” the LKR during August’23: IMF warns “Reserve accumulation has slowed in recent months”: analysts expect the CB’s LKR defence to be stopped soon, leading to a significant depreciation of the LKR in the coming months.
  2. Chinese Ambassador in SL Qi Zhenhong says China will continue to firmly support Sri Lanka in pursuing a development path that suits its own national conditions while getting rid of the poverty & non-development trap, and safeguarding its independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity & national dignity.
  3. National Cancer Control Programme Director Dr Ishani Fernando says 26% of cancer patients detected in SL are those with breast cancers: notes that 5,329 new patients with breast cancer were detected in 2020 out of 37,648 new cancer patients: also says 15,599 patients had died of cancer in 2019.
  4. President Ranil Wickremesinghe orders a probe into the resignation of Mullaitivu District Judge and Magistrate T Saravanarajah, who heard the controversial Kurundimale Temple case: the Judge has cited “receiving death threats” as the reason for his resignation.
  5. Electricity Users’ Assn Secretary Sanjeewa Dhammika claims factories would collapse with the increase in electricity tariffs: says the EUA rejects the proposal to increase the electricity tariffs: warns the country is running to the tune of the IMF.
  6. Lady Ridgeway Hospital Director Dr G Wijesuriya says SL has not reported any cases of Nipah virus so far: emphasizes that people should not panic as a result of false reports circulating in the social media.
  7. Sri Lanka Medical Assn representative Professor Samath Dharmaratne says lives of 400 children were lost in 2022 due to road accidents: laments if appropriate measures are not put in place, many more innocent lives will be lost in the future in a similar manner.
  8. Govt to introduce a new system of issuing vehicle licences called “eRL2.0” in 5 provinces, excluding the Western Province, from 3 October onwards: the new system to be an important step in the “digitalisation” of SL.
  9. Sources say there is a rise in the number of videos featuring Sri Lankan couples in leading porn websites, over the past couple of years: also express fears that most of the content has been filmed and uploaded or sold to porn websites, without the consent of both or one of the partners.
  10. Govt to unveil a new “Standard Operating Procedure” for visits by foreign ships or aircraft, including military assets, as a part of its effort to address India’s concerns over port calls by Chinese vessels: SOP to include guidelines and details about the type of vessels to be allowed into Sri Lanka’s ports and territorial waters, and the duration of docking.

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