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Japan Officially Transfers Grants to Sri Lanka

A significant event occurred on October 10 at the Presidential Secretariat, where official grants from Japan to Sri Lanka were transferred through the United Nations World Food Program to support critical initiatives.

The ceremony was graced by Komura Masahiro, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Misukoshi Hideki, the Japanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka. Joining them were Sri Lankan officials, including President’s Senior Adviser on Economic Affairs, Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga.

Deputy Minister Komura Masahiro expressed his delight in offering support to Sri Lanka during its recent economic crisis. He emphasized Japan’s unwavering commitment to being a reliable friend and partner to Sri Lanka.

Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga, President’s Senior Adviser on Economic Affairs, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the Japanese government for their valuable assistance.

The government of Sri Lanka has been actively taking steps to alleviate the impact of economic challenges on vulnerable families. Key initiatives such as the Emergency Response Programme (ERP), School Meal Program (SMP), and National Social Security Programme have been instrumental in this endeavor.

Samaratunga also highlighted the 70-year-long diplomatic relationship between Japan and Sri Lanka, underscoring Japan’s consistent support. Under the World Food Programme, Japan has provided food items valued at $10 million.

Notably, Japanese aid under the Emergency Response Programme (ERP) has been targeted at the most economically vulnerable families, benefitting 145,000 households across Sri Lanka.

Samaratunga further noted that Japan has contributed 7,270 metric tonnes of food items to Sri Lanka. These items have been instrumental in sustaining the school meal program, benefiting 960,000 schoolchildren, which includes the provision of red lentils.

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