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Reminiscing history pointless. Our leader should build up his image: Fonseka (VIDEO)

Leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Sajith Premadasa should start building up his image in a manner in which the public embraces him, instead of reminiscing the contributions made by leaders of yesterday, said SJB MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, speaking to a SJB rally held yesterday (13).

“Since the colonists left the country, it has been falling. As this was being fallen, nobody felt it directly. But the agile politicians collected its benefit by earning money and property out of it, making family units and children and educated their children. They did not feel it right away. Because they got what they fundamentally needed, with difficulty. Now they understand!” Fonseka said.

“Today, this has fallen and hit the rock bottom and therefore it is felt to the stomach, the body, the kitchen, the pocket and everything,” the Field Marshal went on. “So, looking at your faces, it is hardly agreeable that you have happy faces. Everyone is worrying. We are depending on what we collect on a daily basis – Edawela Tours. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. We are wondering if we will run out of milk for our child, how to refill the bike and how much will rice be tomorrow. Everyone here has these problems in their heads for sure. This means that this country has turned into a state full of people living with problems.”

Fonseka further noted: “This is the reality. To build this country up, first we have to understand this reality. Understanding it, then we can start building it up. Therefore, I am of the view that it is pointless to reminisce the history. You will gain no recognition for your grandfather being a village headman. You should work out and build your own recognition. So, our party too should start building that image now. We are not scored for marketing the services by the leaders of yesterday. That being said, we have a new leader for this party. So, this leader should start building up his image in a manner in which the public embraces. If we are to exist as future MPs and ministers, their image should be built up by giving the public the confidence that we will build this country up in the future. We should do it, nothing else matters. Otherwise, it is pointless to speak of a former leader, like JR. People of image should get together, build up a party of image, commit themselves to building this country up, if we are to accomplish this goal.”


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