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Shi Yan 6 vessel opens to conduct NARA research and public viewing.

By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Sri Lankans have been given a rare opportunity to visit Chinese geophysical scientific research vessel Shi Yan 6 now being anchored at Colombo Port with the permission of National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA).

The Chinese geophysical scientific research vessel Shi Yan 6 which is docked, is now open for public viewing on Friday and Saturday, official sources announced.

The NARA said permission was granted to conduct research with the Chinese geophysical scientific research vessel Shi Yan 6, which is docked at the Port of Colombo.

NARA Director General Dr. Kamal Tennakoon said permission was granted on Thursday (26) afternoon Research teams will be dispatched for this purpose over the next few days, he disclosed.

Dr. Tennakoon said the research will study the impact of the ocean system on the regional climate including in Sri Lanka.

The Chinese crew said Sri Lankans have the opportunity to visit the Chinese research vessel Shi Yan 6 at the Colombo Port on Friday (27) as well.

The Chinese research vessel Shi Yan 6 made regional headlines after India expressed concern over the movements of the vessel on its journey to Sri Lanka.

However, the Chinese geophysical scientific research vessel Shi Yan 6 docked at the Port of Colombo on 25th October, as planned.

The Shi Yan 6 is berthed at the South Asia Gateway Terminals of the Port of Colombo.

The Shi Yan 6 is equipped with the latest and modern technology that can monitor the ocean bed, and it also comprises laboratories to test the samples obtained from the ocean floor.

Weighing 260 tonnes, the Shi Yan 6 can accommodate 60 people. The Shi Yan 6 departed from Ghuangzhou in China on the 11th of September, and entered the Indian Ocean region on the 19th of September.

Its voyage included navigating the Ninety East Ridge, a mid-ocean ridge on the Indian Ocean floor named for its near-parallel strike along the 90th meridian at the center of the Eastern Hemisphere, in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India in the Indian Ocean, and other locations as well.

Maritime Data also revealed that the vessel moved within the Sea of Sri Lanka at times.

Earlier, it was mentioned that the Shi Yan 6 would be allowed to enter Sri Lanka on the 25th of October, and Foreign Minister Ali Sabry in New York said that permission was not granted for the ship.

However, as planned, the Shi Yan 6 reached the Port of Colombo, while the Foreign Ministry said that the vessel would only be in Sri Lanka for replenishment purposes.

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