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Launch of the book ‘Teardrop Diplomacy: China’s Sri Lanka Foray’

Colombo (LNW): Yesterday (30), an event took place at the Organisation of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka to launch the book ‘Teardrop Diplomacy: China’s Sri Lanka Foray’ by Asanga Abeyagoonasekera.

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa attended the event and praised Asanga’s significant contributions to Sri Lanka’s foreign policy and national security.

The Opposition Leader highlighted the importance of expert-driven foreign policy and identified Asanga as a key foreign policy advisor. He emphasised Asanga’s potential role in a future SJB government.

During his speech, the Opposition Leader emphasised the need for rational, well-thought-out policymaking rather than knee-jerk reactions.

He cited the Yoshida Doctrine as an example of how strategic economic growth can result from well-executed public policy decisions.

“Rationality over knee-jerk reactions was a recurring theme in the Opposition Leader’s speech, underscoring the need for well-thought-out policymaking. He used the Yoshida Doctrine as a shining example of how tactical economic growth can be achieved through masterful public policy decisions,” Premadasa said.

He underlined the importance of Sri Lanka collaborating with countries that bring value to the nation and stressed the need for a structured foreign policy decision-making process that incorporates input from think tanks to develop comprehensive policy proposals.

The Opposition Leader further emphasised the core role of meritocracy in the recruitment process for Sri Lankan foreign services.

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