Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Dhammika Perera Unveils DP Silicon Valley IT Office Plan to Bridge Education to Job Market

Dhammika Perera is preparing to start the ‘DP Silicon Valley IT Office’ to direct the students studying through the DP Education IT campus to the job market.

DP Education, Sri Lanka’s leading digital education provider, held a certificate awarding ceremony for the students who completed the projects of the DP Education IT Campus branch at Nanasaran Education Center, Sri Seethavanarama, Nuwara Eliya, with the participation of over 1200 people on 11th November 2023 at Nuwara Eliya Town Hall. There, a prize was awarded to a winner of the cording competition held in conjunction with the 2023 Children’s Day.

Dhammika Perera, Founder and Chairman of DP Education, Nuwara Eliya Katumana Seethavanarama Viharadhi, President of Susarana Lanka Social Development Foundation, Royal Pandita Darshanapati Venerable Galahitiagoda Sumanarathana Thero and many other dignitaries participated in the certificate awarding ceremony.

Dhammika Perera, the founder and chairman of DP Education, who delivered the keynote speech, explained the importance of the knowledge gained by the students studying in the DP Education IT campus and said that smart classrooms have already been set up in 675 schools for school development.

Dhammika Perera said that the necessary activities have already been started to bring up the children through digital education. He said that 92 DP Education IT campuses are open all over the island and more than 80,000 students are studying in those campuses, and in addition, more than 125,000 students are studying online. He said that his goal is to provide digital education to one million children and 20% of them are already being educated.

Perera’s speech highlighted the fact that he has already planned to orient the students studying through the DP Education IT Campus to the job market. Accordingly, in the future, DP Education will set up centers called DP Silicon Valley IT Offices in the IT campus centers to provide them with opportunities to work in the job market. He further explained that it can bring foreign exchange to the country.

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