Friday, December 8, 2023

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5,000 annual child-related crimes reported in Sri Lanka

Colombo (LNW): A significant number of child-related crimes, estimated to be around 5000 annually, have been reported, disclosed Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police (SDIG) in charge of the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon.

A notable portion of these crimes can be attributed to the influence of drugs and the misuse of mobile phones, Tennakoon pointed out.

The data indicates a consistent annual reporting of approximately 5000 child-related crimes in Sri Lanka.

The SDIG emphasised that drugs play a pivotal role in various crimes against children, including instances of sexual and physical abuse. Notably, mobile phones are increasingly being utilised as tools for child abuse, he added.

Despite efforts to mitigate child abuse cases, the prevalence of mobile phone use hampers progress, and parents, therefore, are urged to implement stricter controls within households to curtail child abuse in Sri Lanka, Tennakoon added.

Acknowledging the Western Province’s status as the most populous, the SDIG noted that the districts of Colombo, Gampaha, and Kalutara within the province contribute significantly to the high incidence of child-related crimes.

Additionally, he identified the consumption of drugs and alcohol as another influential factor contributing to child-related crimes in Sri Lanka.

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