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UDA to receive Trincomalee’s historic Dutch Building for tourism endeavour

Colombo (LNW): Minister of Urban Development and Housing Prasanna Ranatunga has proposed a cabinet paper seeking approval for the transfer of the land portion of the historic Dutch building in Trincomalee to the Urban Development Authority (UDA) for an upcoming tourism development initiative.

Minister Ranatunga highlighted that the UDA has already devised a metropolitan development plan for a segment of the Trincomalee district, officially published through special gazette number 1534/8.

The outlined plan aims to expand and enhance commercial and tourism activities in the designated area.

Trincomalee, boasting attractions such as Nilaveli Beach, Marble Beach, Natural Harbor, Fort Frederick, and numerous archaeological sites, has become increasingly popular among both local and international tourists.

Recognising the rising influx of visitors, Minister Ranatunga underscored the necessity to enhance public facilities in the city.

To address this, the Urban Development Authority plans to repurpose the unused old Dutch building situated on Inner Harbor Road, Trincomalee.

It is important to preserve the historical significance of the building while modernising its functionalities, Ranatunga noted.

The cabinet paper outlines the development initiative, which includes the establishment of entertainment facilities, modern restaurants, hotels, city beautification, sanitation facilities, and supermarkets.

These enhancements aim to create an appealing cityscape for both local and foreign tourists visiting Trincomalee. The proposed project aligns with the broader goal of transforming Trincomalee into a vibrant and attractive destination.

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