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Sudden surge of Dengue cases within 72 hrs

Colombo (LNW): In a stunning turn of events, Sri Lanka has witnessed an astounding surge of dengue, with an exact tally of 1,000 new cases emerging within 72 hours.

This means a staggering average of 300 cases daily, propelling the nation back into a distressing scenario where an average of 250 cases per day has become the norm, emphasised Director of the National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU), Dr. Nalin Ariyaratne.

He added the ominous forecast of a further spike in dengue cases, attributing it to the persistent rainy conditions. In a plea to the public, Dr. Ariyaratne urged the public to take immediate action by maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings and eliminating potential mosquito breeding grounds to thwart the impending dengue spread.

As of December 04, the cumulative count for 2023 has surged to a staggering 77,487 cases, painting a vivid picture of the escalating crisis. Colombo district leads the grim statistics with 16,363 cases, while the Western Province emerges as the hardest-hit region, reporting 36,266 cases, representing an alarming 47 percent of the total reported cases.

The magnitude of these numbers serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for collective and urgent action to combat this escalating health crisis, health experts warned.

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