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Over 1,000 dengue cases reported from December 1st

Dr. Ashani Hewage, a Medical Officer from the National Dengue Control Unit, has sounded an alarm regarding a significant surge in dengue cases, with an alarming report of 1,000 new infections within the past five days since the start of December.

Attributing this rapid increase to the prevailing rainy weather, Dr. Hewage emphasized that the daily tally of dengue patients has reached a concerning 250 individuals.

December has witnessed an unprecedented spike in dengue cases, marking a stark escalation in the number of infected individuals, Dr. Hewage cautioned.

The overall dengue count has surpassed 77,500 reported cases, leading to 76 confirmed deaths due to the dengue virus. Notably, nearly half, accounting for 47%, of the reported dengue cases emanate from the Western Province.

The districts of Colombo and Gampaha, situated in the Western Province, have registered the highest incidences of dengue cases. Specifically, the MOH Division of Colombo has recorded the most substantial number of dengue cases among all regions.

The surge in cases raises concerns about the urgent need for intensified measures to curtail the spread of the virus amidst the rainy conditions, urging heightened awareness and proactive efforts to address this escalating health crisis.

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