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Ceylon Cinnamon – the True Cinnamon- showcased in Stockholm

Chefs in Sweden together with Swedish food industry representatives and Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Cinnamon brands joined the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Sweden to showcase the island`s world renowned spice – Ceylon Cinnamon – at an event on 27 November 2023 in Stockholm. 

The evening featured the versatility of Ceylon Cinnamon through cuisine, scientific and health analysis exploring the benefit of authentic Ceylon Cinnamon, presentations on cultivation, harvesting and delicate processing of Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka to an audience of restaurant and food industry representatives, Chefs from several cuisine specialties, food ingredient importers and Swedish food brands as well as culinary specialists, food bloggers and journalists.

Gracing the evening was Mayor Marith Hesse and delegation of Partille who were among those who lit the traditional Sri Lankan oil lamp. The Embassy’s initiative was partnered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombo under the Economic Diplomacy initiative and was consistent with the policy articulated on Ceylon Cinnamon in President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Budget Speech for 2023.  

The evening’s cuisine presented the versatility of True Cinnamon in western, eastern, south american, Sri Lankan cuisine and Ceylon tea.   The dishes highlighted Ceylon Cinnamon`s ability to blend, garnish and create starters, mains, desserts, mocktails and tea bringing out the fabulous versatility of the spice and thereby  demonstrating why  the age-old spice  is indeed the King of spices. The cuisine was prepared by the Chefs with top Alba grade authentic Ceylon Cinnamon from two Sri Lankan global brands – HDDES and Cinnamon Legends –  the event’s Cinnamon partners.  

Sri Lanka’s Envoy in Stockholm Ambassador Dharshana M Perera in his remarks highlighted the versatility, authenticity, health and safety of Sri Lanka’s signature spice and the importance of understanding the distinction between Ceylon Cinnamon and ‘cinnamon’ alternatives such as Cassia  by the discerning Swedish public.  He spoke of the evening’s opportunity to explore the creativity in cuisine and business with this unique spice particularly in Europe given the EU’s GI certification.  He invited the guests to explore the complimentary Ceylon Cinnamon provided by HDDES and Cinnamon Legends in their homes, bakeries and production houses and restaurants. The gift packs included Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Quills and Liquid Smoke from Cinnamon Legends and HDDES. 

Through a scientific analysis, Prof. Wimal Ubhayasekera presented the potential health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon, as the preferred and healthy choice for consumption as against the ‘cinnamon` alternatives such as Cassia. He enlightened the audience of the concerns relating to the significantly higher Coumarin content in the alternatives.  

The evening’s dishes specially created for the event included among others Cinnamon and Chilli-marinated shrimp with Cinnamon aioli, Cinnamon marinated Fried Rice (Chef Sithira Jayasinghe), Cinnamon smoked Gua Bao bun with Cinnamon braised Pork belly (Chef Vishwa Tharidu), Cinnamon Hopper with Lunumiris (Mr. Navaneethan), Panna Cotta with  Cinnamon Candied Apples(Chef Sithira Jayasinghe), Cinnamon Buns/cake (by Swedish food brand Naima), Mocktail Cinnamon Supreme with  Ceylon Cinnamon (Dilmah/Tekompaniet with Chewy Cinnamon brand) and a range of other dishes  capturing  the versatility and flavour of True Cinnamon.  The event also had guidance and association of Swedish Chef Carola Magnusson (Carola’s EKO), Margaretha Haglind (Bogawantalawa Tea).

Embassy of Sri Lanka


07 December 2023

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