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Dengue cases surpass 80,000 with 47 fatalities in 2023

Colombo (LNW): In recent months, Sri Lanka witnessed a concerning surge in the number of reported dengue cases, with a notable uptick in Colombo and Gampaha Districts.

According to the National Dengue Control Unit, a total of 80,222 dengue patients have been recorded in 2023, with 16,948 cases reported in the Colombo District and 15,419 cases in the Gampaha District.

The country has identified 61 Dengue High Risk Zones, signifying areas of elevated concern for dengue transmission. Tragically, 47 lives have been lost to dengue this year.

In response to this alarming situation, the National Dengue Control Unit is urging the public to take proactive measures.

This includes maintaining clean surroundings and promptly eliminating mosquito breeding grounds to curb the further spread of the disease.

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