Friday, February 23, 2024

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Petrol and Diesel prices will increase by Rs. 20, Rs 22 respectively by today or tomorrow – A prediction from Ashok!

The price of a liter of petrol will increase by Rs. 20 today and the price of diesel by Rs. 22 a liter today or tomorrow, says Samagi Jana Balawega MP Ashok Abeysinghe.

“I predict that today or tomorrow petrol will increase by 20 rupees and diesel by 22 rupees. It may even increase tonight.

Remember when those MPs used to go to Parliament on bicycles when petrol was increased by 2 rupees? It has increased by 20 rupees for months now. Now it is increasing by 20 again.

Yesterday Gammanpila said ‘I have nothing to do now, our country is the lowest country in the world, the Central Bank says they cannot give dollars to bring fuel, there are no rupees either, so this cannot continue for more than a month and a half’ But he is laughing when he is telling all this. Whose fault is it? Who came to power to bring prosperity? Is this the vision of prosperity? ”

Ashok Abeysinghe stated this addressing a meeting of the Samagi Jana Balawega held yesterday (19).

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