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Netra’s graceful tribute: Kilmisha Udayaseelan honoured for ‘SARIGAMAPA’ triumph in special Thai Pongal appreciation programme

January 18, Colombo (LNW): The Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, with a particular focus on its national Tamil language wing, Netra, took initiative on Thai Pongal to host a special appreciation programme for Kilmisha Udayaseelan.

Kilmisha, a Sri Lankan talent, secured the first place in the “SARIGAMAPA” reality competition on India’s ZeeTamil (Zeeதமிழ்) channel.

Nilar N Qasim, the esteemed head of Netra channel and a prolific lyricist in both Tamil and Sinhala media, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this programme.

Hailing from Jaffna and still a 9th-grade student, Kilmisha possesses a singing prowess that belies her age. The warm reception accorded to her by the Rupavahini channel, particularly on Thaipongal day, and the logistical support facilitated by Netra through various sponsorships for her participation, left Kilmisha thrilled and appreciative.

In a country where some segments still grapple with cultural divides, the camaraderie and parental affection displayed by the staff of the Sinhala and Tamil national TV channels coexisting under one roof were a source of surprise and gratitude for Kilmisha.

Despite her limited proficiency in Sinhala, Kilmisha expressed a desire to appreciate Sri Lankan music without language barriers, as evident in her rendition of the song “Tikki Tikiri Tikirilia.”

Acknowledging her contribution to Netra’s Live Thai Pongal programme, Kilmisha was honoured with a special commemorative award, and various organisations, including the Colombo Lions Club, extended valuable grants.

Moved by the warm and affectionate preservation of childhood identity during the event, Kilmisha conveyed her eagerness to participate in Netra TV programmes upon the completion of her contract with the television company, following the success of SARIGAMAPA on ZeeTamil.

Despite the simplicity of musical instruments and dances in adherence to Hindu culture, Kilmisha was deeply touched and filled with joy at the proud reception she received. The collective efforts and dedication of the entire team at Netra and Jathika Rupavahini television channels significantly contributed to the success of Kilmisha’s reception and the Thai Pongal festival.

Among the notable guests at the event were Kilmisha’s affectionate parents and artists engaged in Sri Lankan Arts in Tamil.

The following captures some highlights from the Netra TV Thai Pongal festival held recently.

*Adapted from original article “ඉන්දියාවේ සරිගමප හපනිය ලංකාවේ දෙමළ භාෂා ජාතික නාලිකාවෙන් හරසර” by Nishman Ranasinghe published on 18.01.2024.

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