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CEB Engineers’ Union responds to allegations regarding housing loans scheme

January 23, Colombo (LNW): The Ceylon Electricity Board Engineers’ Union (CEBEU) issued a statement addressing recent allegations regarding the housing loans scheme provided to its employees.

The union clarified that since 1984, the CEB has opted for a scheme where employees secure housing loans from banks, and the CEB subsequently reimburses two-thirds of the interest paid.

Contrary to accusations, the union emphasised that this approach aligns with practices in various institutions that offer concessional loans to staff using their own funds.

The statement highlighted that the two-thirds interest reimbursement model has been deemed more advantageous for the CEB, allowing the organisation to allocate funds for crucial development initiatives.

The union expressed concern over what they perceive as a smear campaign against CEB staff, particularly as the energy sector undergoes major reforms, potentially leading to privatisation and divestiture of state assets.

The statement deplored the Minister’s conduct, accusing him of treating dedicated CEB staff, who have tirelessly worked to electrify the entire nation, as adversaries.

Moreover, the union condemned what they described as continuous harassment by the Minister, noting restraining orders preventing trade union actions and restricting the disclosure of information relevant to the public institute.

The CEBEU urged the public to understand the context and motives behind the campaign while emphasising their commitment to serving the nation.

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