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SLFP National Organizer Commends President Wickremesinghe’s Transformative Leadership

February 06, Colombo (LNW): In an endorsement of President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s leadership, Sri Lanka Freedom Party National Organizer, MP Duminda Dissanayake, declared the President as both the country’s luck and a catalyst for significant changes that no other politician would dare to undertake.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the ‘Jayagamu Sri Lanka’ People’s Mobile Service at Salgado Grounds in Anuradhapura on the 31st, Dissanayake emphasized the transformative impact of President Wickremesinghe’s initiatives. He noted that if these changes had been implemented two decades earlier, the nation might have been in a more favorable situation today.

Dissanayake acknowledged the party’s previous opposition to Wickremesinghe until 2015, but revealed a shift in stance after that period. He highlighted the skepticism surrounding Wickremesinghe’s capabilities and the perception that he became President by default. However, Dissanayake suggested that luck, both for Wickremesinghe and the country, played a role in the positive developments.

The SLFP National Organizer praised Wickremesinghe for instituting extensive changes that, according to Dissanayake, go beyond the typical actions of a politician. He emphasized the importance of understanding and appreciating these changes, asserting that if similar reforms had been implemented two decades earlier, the country might have avoided its current challenges.

Dissanayake cautioned about the potential consequences if the public fails to grasp the significance of these changes for the future generations. Despite acknowledging that not everyone may be pleased with certain decisions made by the government, he urged the necessity of proceeding with essential changes for the betterment of the nation.

In conclusion, Dissanayake emphasized the inevitability of change, stressing that the government must press forward with necessary reforms, even if met with objections.

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