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A Rugby That Is In A Position To Bend To All

February 09, Colombo (LNW): A few days ago, we noted about the fluid decision-making of the Acting President of Sri Lanka Rugby, and doubts are being raised that he is currently in the grip of some sir or several sirs in his phonetic language of “to anyone Sir”. When we presented the first note, the reason for hiding the letter from the Sports Development Department for the removal of Hasan Sinhawanswa from the Executive Council on February 01 is because, the petition related to the removal was submitted by Lasitha Gunaratne, a former president of Sri Lanka Rugby. Doubts are now emerging regarding this matter.

The current acting president who is currently serving as president, is ready to stand up for the rugby power that is trying to be swallowed up by figures like Lasitha Gunaratnala, who has been obstructed in various ways since he was appointed several years ago. Many people in the Rugby are now expressing their opinion that if it is known that Lasitha has submitted such a petition, it would be a reason for them to be displeased in front of the Rugby Management team.

As the implementation of this punishment also gives a hint about the ability to commission investigations on old incidents in some way, Rugby field thinks that the reason may be that the Acting President is afraid that he will be prejudiced in the past serious mistakes.

“During Namal’s leadership, it was a grave mistake to make foreign players play as Sri Lankan players under the presidentship of Asanga. The acting president was also the secretary that time. The secretary was actually former president Rizly Illyas. When he resigned as secretary because of Asanga’s actions, Naleen became the secretary. He wanted to keep his position and let Asanga and Namal do whatever they wanted.”

A longtime Rugby associate said, referring to the acting president’s temperament. He further emphasized that as the current sports minister does not seem ready to stand up for the wrongdoers, the Acting President is suspicious that he will also be banned if investigations are conducted regarding the old scandals.

When the former president left, Sri Lanka Rugby was embroiled in a significant administrative struggle, positioned to confront even Asia by directly facing legally formidable figures. Although the Acting President as well as the removed Hassan Sinhawansa took it as their responsibility to fight for justice for the innocence and courage of the former President who resisted the wrong influences on behalf of Sri Lanka, and expose the people who influenced the development of rugby in
Sri Lanka, both of them Forgetting the departed president, he prioritized the actions of shaping opposition parties from Sri Lanka to the Asia President . It is for the preservation of their status and positions.

Hassan’s petition has been submitted by Lasitha Gunaratne, who is actively involved in a significant role aimed at diminishing the voting power of the regional administrative units aligned with that agenda. As a result, Hassan finds himself stuck between two conflicting worlds. Most of the major sports clubs that exist as sports clubs have methods that can be successful at the business level. If they cannot be maintained in any way, the administration of the game as well as the economic management, bringing to power someone who can develop it commercially can expect a new development.

In that way, the regional committees often sacrifice their assets for rugby, and sometimes also fulfill the responsibility of securing new players as plants who are directed to the major sports clubs. Therefore, instead of abolishing the voting power of the regional administration, it is important to make space for the grant of resources for the further expansion of rugby, but because it is difficult to win those who are dedicated to the sport locally for the power projects of the powerful who have an impact on rugby, some people want to lower their representation.

The need for this discrimination is to undermine the local administrations, which is the obstacle to return to chairs and responsibilities, especially those who have been subjected to international fines, or who have owed money to the world.

“There is a little positivity in Hassan’s order. But the acting president did not use the opportunity to call the executive committee and make a request to retain Hassan. He and Hassan did not do their duty properly. In the end, they didn’t even stand up for each other.”

We were contacted by someone who had a good understanding of the history of Rugby and the recent events, explaining one by one the points.

“We should look now to complain to the special unit of the ministry and look for old things. We need to collect the £50,000 from those responsible when we have to pay the fine. Such people need to make a decision that they cannot set foot on this side again. Also, the people who have borrowed this should find out what they have spent on what they have borrowed, whether they have wasted money by bringing in politicians and working to please them and collecting them too. Now Rugby is back to the old situation and is turning into a situation where the debt burden may increase. Even the sponsorship money is not properly managed. At least they don’t understand where to get the information about in the money coming from the international”

If the situations that have arisen in history are punished and those in the present are obstructing the local administrations, the thieves who have given them power in the open and worked hard to establish a fraud-free administration in the country, look at the behavior of the administration next Sunday and take a quick decision. He also pointed out that rugby lovers are added.

“Also, a person who has decided that he cannot bear the responsibilities of Sri Lanka Rugby is currently organizing a big tournament. What is Rugby’s responsibility in this regard? Has Sri Lanka] Rugby blessed it? Shouldn’t Sri Lanka Rugby be held accountable for that tournament? What will Sri Lanka Rugby get from that? That’s what we say. That directness has now disappeared from Sri Lankan rugger. Each person handles the rugby in their own way. ‘Acting sir’ is saying sir to all of them.”

They point out the irresponsible behavior of Sri Lanka Rugby at present.

“He is a military officer who has done a job. But when they find a position, they tend to keep it like someone standing in the mud. It can make a lot of room for thieves and fraudsters. That’s why it can be even worse than being a thief or a fraud when you are diluted like that. This Sunday will sometimes be the last day of patience for those who love rugby.”

Some of the positive things that have been written in recent history about the directness and steadfastness and fighting spirit of Sri Lanka’ rugby, as soon as the administration has not changed, but only one person has changed, by providing wrong precedents in this way, we know that the biggest lack this country needs is the lack of people dedicated to directing and correct decisions.

People against the situation say that a person who shows that he has forgotten the decision of the committee he appeared in, should not be referred to the leadership, but for mental treatment. He himself stated to the media with reasons that the banning of the Clifford Cup to the Kandy Sports Club by himself is clear from the fact that he has already become a puppet of someone “Sir”.

“With this kind of antics, without proper financial management, at least with people who don’t know how to get the money that should come from the country, Rugby should stop going to waste. There are no perfect people. But instead of trying to correct when we feel that we are wrong, if we try to protect our mistakes from our own behavior, we have to advocate for correction. We have given the Acting President the opportunity to be intelligent to understand the situation that he values a few high people and the acceptance of the majority of the representation within the Rugby.”

And finally they said “Rugby cannot be destroyed. We saw how Rugby was taken to the village when everything was pulling leg, and how new sponsors joined Rugby. We need to bravely stand up for the people who have given it power. No matter who opposed it, Rugby did not oppose it and was with the leadership. No one’s rank and personal powers are irrelevant to us. The constitution has how to fill any vacancy in the positions of president, deputy president, vice president, secretary or treasurer. They can be decided in a special general assembly and approved in a general assembly.”

*Adapted from original article, “හැම අතටම වැනෙන තැනට වැටුණු රගර්” by Nishman Ranasinghe published on 09.02.2024.

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