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Rare Enhydro Crystal Unearthed in Eheliyagoda Gem Mine

February 10, Colombo (LNW): In a remarkable discovery, a priceless gemstone containing a pure water bubble, known as an enhydro crystal, has been found in a gem mine in the Eheliyagoda area. The National Gem and Jewellery Authority estimates the ancient gem’s size to be an astounding 110,000 carats, making it an extraordinary historical artifact.

The gem’s owner expressed the belief that studying this unique gemstone could unveil significant historical facts about Sri Lanka. Enhydro crystals, cherished for their water bubble inclusion, have a long history of being sought after by the wealthy for their purported health benefits.

Traditionally, individuals interested in these gemstones choose to exhibit them in museums or antique showcases, allowing a global audience to appreciate their rarity rather than using them personally. Many believe that enhydro crystals reflect, amplify, and focus beneficial rays, transmitting energy that can positively impact the human body.

Throughout history, people have held the belief that gazing at an enhydro crystal can enhance emotional and mental well-being and even aid in the recovery from illness. The crystals are also thought to act as catalysts for maintaining bright and healthy relationships, purifying emotional thoughts, and promoting wisdom and truthfulness.

Given these perceived attributes, enhydro crystals are considered ideal charms to be displayed in public places, contributing to the prosperity, love, and health of society. The discovery of this rare enhydro crystal in Eheliyagoda is not only a geological marvel but also a potential key to unlocking historical mysteries embedded in Sri Lanka’s rich past.

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