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SL Envoy meets Senegalese President

In a significant diplomatic move, Sri Lanka’s first Ambassador to Senegal, Kana Kananathan, engaged in bilateral discussions with Senegalese President Macky Sall, receiving a warm welcome at the Presidential Palace. The primary objective of the meeting was to strengthen diplomatic ties and explore avenues for mutual benefits between the two nations.

The discussions between Ambassador Kananathan and President Macky Sall covered various areas of cooperation, with a particular focus on trade and bilateral relations. The meeting, held at the Presidential Palace, aimed to foster collaboration and identify opportunities for mutual growth.

A pivotal aspect of the discussions centered around potential business ventures for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in Senegal. Ambassador Kananathan highlighted the capabilities and expertise of Sri Lankan businesses, expressing a keen interest in contributing to Senegal’s economic development.

Infrastructure development and collaboration in the thriving fish processing and export industry in Senegal were highlighted as key areas for potential cooperation. The President welcomed the prospect of Sri Lankan businessmen participating in Senegal’s economic landscape, acknowledging the potential for shared success and prosperity.

Ambassador Kananathan conveyed the eagerness of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to invest and partner with their Senegalese counterparts, emphasizing the potential for mutually beneficial ventures.

It’s worth noting that in 2021, Ambassador Kananathan actively collaborated with President Macky Sall during his dedicated advocacy mission for Sri Lanka. The Republic of Senegal demonstrated unwavering support for Sri Lanka during this pivotal diplomatic exchange.

Senegal’s economic landscape is recognized as one of the fastest-growing in sub-Saharan Africa, with dynamic sectors such as mining, construction, fishing, and agriculture driving its growth.

In a related political development, Senegal’s parliament recently voted to delay the presidential election until December 15, postponing the originally planned February 25 vote. This extension effectively extends President Macky Sall’s 12-year tenure, marking a significant political development in the country.

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