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Navy clarifies misunderstandings regarding fishing incidents in Palk Strait

February 11, Colombo (LNW): The Sri Lanka Navy has responded to recent allegations originating from Tamil Nadu, India, concerning attacks on Indian fishermen and damage to their vessels in the Palk Strait, emphasising that it distances itself from these allegations.

In a clarification, the Navy suggested that the reported incidents might involve altercations between local fishermen and poachers operating within Sri Lankan territorial waters.

In recent times, there have been reports of clashes between Sri Lankan fishermen and unidentified individuals within the Palk Strait region. However, the Sri Lanka Navy has clarified that these incidents are likely conflicts between local fish workers and trespassing poachers rather than targeted attacks on Indian fishermen.

The Navy’s statement aims to dispel any misconceptions and assure neighboring India of its commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region.

By providing this clarification, Sri Lanka seeks to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries regarding maritime issues in the Palk Strait.

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