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Voice of Migrants Network condemns Israel’s discriminatory policy against Palestinian migrant workers

February 12, Colombo (LNW): The Voice of Migrants Network (VOM) vehemently condemned the recent decision by Israeli authorities to terminate the employment of Palestinian migrant workers in Israel, citing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as justification.

This act of discrimination not only violates labour rights but also perpetuates a cycle of injustice against migrant communities, the organisation said in a statement.

The Israeli government’s decision to dismiss 72,000 Palestinian migrant workers from their jobs on construction sites in Israel and impose a ban on their entry is deeply troubling, it added.

Such actions are not only discriminatory but also disregard the fundamental rights of migrant workers, the VOM pointed out.

It is disheartening to witness that Israel has opted to fill job vacancies with migrant workers from other countries, including Sri Lanka, amidst global concerns over the ethical implications of such employment practices.

Migrant workers should not be made scapegoats in political conflicts; they are innocent victims who deserve equal treatment and protection under the law.

The recent bilateral agreement between the Indian government and Israel, which aims to send a significant number of Indian workers to Israel, has raised further concerns.

The National Platform of Central Trade Unions has rightfully criticised this decision, denouncing India’s involvement in what they describe as Israel’s “genocidal war against the Palestinians.”

As a national network advocating for migrant workers’ rights, VOM stands firmly against discrimination of any form.

Instead of exploiting conflicts for economic gain, we urge the Sri Lankan government to express its strong disapproval of Israel’s discriminatory policies through diplomatic channels.

In conclusion, VOM calls for solidarity and support for Palestinian migrant workers and urges all parties involved to prioritise human rights and dignity in their actions.

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