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Russian Embassy denounces racial discrimination amid controversy over Unawatuna event

February 26, Colombo (LNW): In light of recent controversy surrounding a planned evening gathering in Unawatuna, the Russian Embassy in Colombo has released a statement denouncing all forms of racial discrimination and nationalism.

The event, organised with a “dress-code: white” theme by a group of entrepreneurs, initially sparked concerns.

While it was revealed that the primary promoter and the bar owners agreeing to host the event were reportedly Russian citizens, these claims remain unverified, as stated by the Embassy.

Following confusion and apprehensions regarding entry requirements, the organisers subsequently issued apologies and clarified that their intentions were not to propagate harm.

Consequently, the event was cancelled.

In its statement, the Russian Embassy reiterated Russia’s steadfast stance against injustices of any kind and affirmed its dedication to combatting such behaviours.

Furthermore, the embassy advised all Russian nationals visiting or residing in Sri Lanka to adhere strictly to the country’s laws and to show respect for local customs.

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