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February, 27 Colombo (LNW): The CR&FC team was able to keep Kandy Sports Club, the most excellent rugby team in Sri Lanka, as runners-up this year. But the Kandy Sports Club has shown that it is not ready to withdraw its ability to handle the rugby game in Sri Lanka at its command and has come forward with a campaign to protect its innocence in the desire to withdraw from the Clifford Cup tournament which is held in the knockout system.

Last year, the Kandy Sports Club withdrew from the Clifford Cup competition in protest of Sri Lanka Rugby’s decision not to allow any sports club to play on the sports ground belonging to their sports club. Accordingly, they protested Sri Lanka Rugby’s provision of a ground in the Kandy area other than Nittawela, and all other sports clubs played in stadiums that did not belong to them. Later a ban was imposed in this regard. It is not possible to allow one sports club to play in a different way and subjugate other sports clubs to a law or policy, as a common decision was not reached, so Sri Lanka Rugby announced the ban. The current Acting President Nalin De Silva also explained the reasons when asked by the media. But this year, it seems that some people have been able to lead Sri Lanka Rugby to change the positions they have been standing in, showing a kind of spineless nature. Accordingly, the acting president had to take steps to change the decision regarding Kandy without notifying the entire executive committee by informing those close to the acting president. Because of this, while the issues arising in relation to the tournament were to be discussed, the Kandy Sports Club suggested that the tournament should be held in Kandy. If not, they said, they will not compete. Saying that banning is wrong, they are going out of the tournament this time, and they are preparing the necessary way by taking the space to talk about the previous ban.

Perhaps the reason is to avoid the humiliation of losing the Clifford Cup once again. Or it could be a shortage of funds for the current year’s tournament. But Kandy knowing that all these problems may arise to other sports clubs and suggesting them to bear the inconvenience by their own sports club, the face shown while leaving when it was not agreeing to, giving a subtle effect that it should be treated in a different way, is extremely humane.

The most important thing here is how this problem is selected from within Sri Lanka Rugby. Kandy Sports Club, like last year, decisions taken by sports clubs and executive council together with Sri Lanka Rugby or Rugby should be changed as per the need of Kandy. Or Sri Lanka Rugby should understand whether or not this signal means that Sri Lanka Rugby should operate as Kandy wants and demands. Our belief is that they are of the opinion that everything should be in accordance with the Kandy verse. If Sri Lanka Rugby can change as Kandy can and should instead of being confined to a common consensus or commonly imposed decision, Kandy may seen or not seen in the Clifford Cup. It is important to read the message that this withdrawal sends to Sri Lanka Rugby. The most important message that Sri Lanka Rugby should understand here is that they have put themselves in the difficult position of protecting their personality by acting as the administrators of the entire rugby in Sri Lanka.

The most beautiful thing here is Sri Lanka Rugbyr’s decision against working outside of general agreements by Kandy. This is the attempt made by the Acting President of Sri Lanka Rugby to get rid of the former President as a better person and to be superior to him by offering goodwill to Kandy. In masking the directness exhibited by the former president, the term encapsulating the acting president’s inclination to accomplish what others may have failed to do before is ‘sweet friendliness.’ This phrase characterizes the acting president’s accommodating demeanor and bending nature. But now Kandy did not submit any appeal against its ban within the specified time frame and the matter of removing the ban under the grace of the Acting President finally said, “You stay as we want. Or we can’t” and Kandy withdrew from the tournament. Through this, it has become clear that instead of the unalterable directness of governance obeying its legal factors, instead of having it constitutionally, going to bend without considering the constitutional legal factors will leave a painful and insulting result. The handling of Sri Lanka Rugby in Kandy’s self-produced comedy has been remarkably comical. Without allowing them to say anything, he gesticulates like a gentleman and directs the characters to work and at the end the handling of the characters in such a way that they are undermined is hilarious.

It is important for everyone to be united. The Kandy play has been directed drama in such a way as to make the Sri Lanka Rugby feel overwhelmed and ashamed of what he has said, saying things like “participation is the important”. The antics of the bare characters running around on the stage are amusing. But underneath that smile is the collapse of Sri Lanka Rugby’s personality. It is so helpless that it is impossible to stand up straight. That they should reject a common consensus and bend the majority to their own interests, if not, should we allow any single character within a group to say that they will not participate? Is it ethical to give and ask?

Is it legal? Is it constitutional? What is sadder than Kandy getting this space are those who are offering to eat the bait. It is true that Kandy’s ridiculous handling of Sri Lanka Rugby is hilarious. But it is a tragedy that Sri Lanka’s entire rugby administration is helpless in front of it. Therefore, the Kandy script reflects the features of the tragedy, which is not a happy one. Simply put, a tragicomedy. (Tragicomedy) Nevertheless, we would assert that Kandy stands as one of the premier clubs in Sri Lanka Rugby at the present moment. But ability and talent is an opportunity to respect evaluation, not a matter of changing the equal opportunities that are created when the two most impossible and the most possible teams collide in the game for one person. Considering the current circumstances, the match schedule for the Clifford Rugby Tournament, featuring the Nippon Trophy, commencing tomorrow without Kandy, is outlined below.

For Rugby, we have listed it below as well. If there is a different opinion, we will also reserve this space for it, and we strongly believe that the directness of an administration and the collective nature of decisions should not be changed with individual changes. Also, a talented or excellent person should act in general agreement and should not expect extraordinary privileges.

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