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NPP expresses intent to renegotiate IMF Programme terms if elected, emphasising pragmatic economic solutions

March 07, Colombo (LNW): The National People’s Power (NPP) has outlined its stance regarding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, stating that if elected to power, it would not obstruct the programme but rather seek to renegotiate its terms and conditions.

NPP representatives emphasised concerns over the current austerity measures, which they argue have placed undue burdens on the populace.

Additionally, they expressed apprehension regarding government attempts to privatise public assets, cautioning against potential adverse economic consequences for the nation.

Speaking on behalf of the NPP, Prof. Anil Jayantha, a member of the party’s economic council, highlighted the necessity for expedited actions in the debt restructuring process.

He underscored the importance of implementing homegrown solutions to stabilise the economy, asserting the NPP’s readiness to devise plans aimed at unlocking growth potential, augmenting government revenue, replenishing foreign reserves, and fostering sustainable economic development.

Prof. Jayantha criticised the current government’s handling of economic challenges, suggesting that earlier negotiations with creditors and exploration of alternative strategies could have mitigated the present situation.

Despite being halfway through the IMF programme, he stressed the NPP’s commitment to a pragmatic approach, indicating a willingness to engage constructively while also conducting inquiries into specific credit agreements to ensure transparency and accountability in fund utilisation.

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