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The Game Played By A Superior Of The National Rugby Administration With The Life Of A Lumbini Coach

March 12, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka Rugby administration is becoming an irresponsible place, and it is also seen that different people can speak on behalf of the association based on different affiliations. An organization called “Adi Lumbini Rugby Association” sends a letter directly to Sri Lanka Rugby inquiring about the coaches recruited for Lumbini College rugby.

That union sent a letter to Sri Lanka Rugby on February 26. But according to our knowledge, no one else can have the legal authority to send such a letter except the principal who is the administrative head of the college. The principal has the discretion to delegate specific powers to an official Alumni Association but does not permit all Alumni Associations formed on the basis of supporting College sports to be responsible for that College sport. No matter who comes to train, a teacher will be appointed to take charge of the sport, the Ministry of Education holds the primary responsibility for all students in these schools, and individuals under its authority are accountable to the Ministry of Education. Now the issue is whether the Rugby administration can legally release the information to a non-liable union.

Sharing personal information with a friend, close associate, or a chosen service provider is often inevitable. (I won’t mention suitability) But if someone calls two organizations that they represent to the limits of privacy and uses them, there is a problem. If the transaction between “Lumbini Adi Sisu” and Sri Lanka Rugby happens like that, the Sports Development Department will also have to inquire about the irresponsibility of what Sri Lanka Rugby has done under the supervision of the Sports Development Department.

In response to a letter addressed to the President and Secretary of Sri Lanka Rugby, Real Admiral Udaya Hettiarachi, the chief of the tournament committee, initially provides inaccurate information. Isn’t it surprising that a senior officer in the Navy behaved in this way when there was a committee to provide information on trainers or other technical matters? During the time of Asanga Senaviratne and Lasitha Gunaratne, when problematic situations arose, or even when there were financial collapses, such actions that made dog’s work as a donkey did not take place. The administration that Udaya Hettiarachchi and others have gained power and is currently operating is an administrative system that fought relentlessly with Asia to preserve the personality of Sri Lanka Rugby. But for that personality, Rizly Illyas, who had no ambitions for positions, worked for the second time because he loved the sport so much that he left his positions. (There has also been a resignation from the post of secretary.) Following Illyas’ departure, the acting president himself has become directly involved in his actions, and the former real admiral, who is now approving the behavior of others to suit the leadership, has also become a hobbyist letter writer about what related to him and what does not relate to him.

Udaya Hettiarachchi, who uses his hobby in such a way that he can be cruel without even thinking about the death of the other, refers to the letters of three persons as “False documentation submitted” in the letter replying to Lumibini Adi Rugbi Association and that the documents are fake. This is an act of unrighteousness before an association of individuals.

It is proved the next day that it is a criminal defamation that should not be done by an officer of an irresponsible national association, with a letter that states that the fake documents are not such.t states that the fake documents are not such. The absence of information certifying certain documents and providing an opinion on others could be attributed to the possibility that Udaya Hettiarachchi is not affiliated with the relevant department as an officer.

After he has been quick to praise someone for others, he presented facts about the criminal impersonation of a person in the first article and accused him in front of a society, if he was not a person who has actually played and trained, he would have made a decision that could have been harmful to his life.

Therefore, it is not possible to allow a national sports association to behave in this way. We are not saying that under the leadership of the Sports Minister, politically influenced and let the consultants destroy rugby. If there was such a situation, the league championship and knockout championship that ended wonderfully this time and the order of the title of relegation would have been destroyed.

Officials such as Udaya Hettiarachchi, who engage in writing letters and making jest of matters unrelated to them, should be subject to control. Acting President behaves as if he has a need to see the beauty of the regular President. Therefore, he is behaving as if he has forgotten his own decisions. He is an Air Force officer, while Udaya is a Navy officer. It is difficult to imagine whether these retired people behave in the arrogant mentality that their subordinates should behave as they want.

But Secretary Jamaldeen, who was a police officer who has more professional competence in public law and a closer association with the society than the army, should also pay more attention to protecting Rugby while protecting the president before proposing to investigate the behavior of the officers of his union in a presidential commission.

Also, we believe that Professor Real Admiral Shemal Fernando, who held the administrative responsibilities of the Navy, will be able to explain to the Real Admiral of the Sri Lanka Rugby that he is doing improper work and making irresponsible statements on behalf of a responsible association that endangers human lives without responsibility.

Also, we are curious to know what the principal and the Main Alumni Association, which is mainly responsible for the alumni, have to say about the actions taken by this union in a way that brings disrepute to Lumbini College.

Also, if the principal authorized the Adi Lumbini Rugby Association for this purpose, then the Principal should also say why the Sri Lanka School Rugby Association, which deals with the National Association in such an event, did not intervene in obtaining this information.

Also, we reserve our space to present evidence on how Udaya Nanayakkara can be assigned the responsibility regarding the rugger coaches in this incident. Also, if information is provided to an association claiming to be a group of Sri Lanka Rugby about a person who has submitted false data and that person creates any harmful situation based on that wrong information, we would like to know whether Sri Lanka Rugby is responsible for it, or Udaya Hettiarachchi who pretended to be Sri Lanka Ruby and spread the false information.

We do not publish related documents. That’s because the coaches who tried to be prejudiced by it are embarrassed by it. However, we are attaching photos of the Rugby President, who seems to alter decisions made on principle, and Udaya Nanayakkara, working with official fervor while disregarding matters unrelated to him, potentially causing harm to someone’s life through the responses he provides. We emphasize that the tumultuous events occurring within Rugby should be scrutinized with the same commitment to safety as that of the President. Failure to do so will be viewed as negligence of responsibility, and we have attached the photo of the secretary to underscore this point.

*Adapted from original article, “ලුම්බිණි පුහුණකරුවෙක්ගෙ ජීවිතය ගැන ජාතික රගර් පරිපාලනයේ ලොක්කෙක් කළ සෙල්ලම” by Nishman Ranasinghe published on 10.03.2024

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