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Sri Lanka successfully moving towards absolute Sinhala Buddhist Country!

S. V. KIRUBAharan, France 

06/07/2019 – What has been happening in Sri Lanka since Easter Sunday is more than enough for the government to find excuses after excuses for not implementing the UN Human Rights Council – UN HRC resolution 30/1. The reason for this is also why the government took no action even though it knew full well about the impending attacks on Christian churches. According to information in the media those who were in power in the past and the present, knew about the group and its members who carried out these attacks. It is a long story which has not been analysed in the correct light. Foreign intelligence services have found the root causes of everything that happened and it is all astonishing. However, Sri Lanka is trying its best to cover up the same. 

If one asks why the government was not bothered about the warnings of the impending attacks especially on Christian churches – the answer is very simple. As long as there is nothing against Sinhala Buddhists, it is fine for the Sri Lankan rulers, who are believed to be behind these attacks. 

How long can Sri Lanka fool the International Community – IC? Since independence in 1948, the victims of Sri Lanka continue to be victimised. Sri Lankan rulers – the Sinhala Buddhists, are using the tactics of ‘divide and rule’ among the Tamils and the Muslims who speak the same language and are progressing well. 

When one looks at the methods and manipulations used by every regime in Sri Lanka – it is obvious that these rulers are only interested in protecting the interests of Sinhala Buddhists. 

When the armed struggle started in the North and East in the early ‘80s – the Government of Sri Lanka’s (GOSL) very first action was to bring division among the Tamils and the Muslims who had lived in peace and harmony for centuries. 

Then, the GOSL created a new force known as ‘home guards’ comprising mostly Muslims in the East. They armed the home guards and motivated them to be hostile to the Tamils in the North and East. This initiative created a huge gap and anger between the Tamils and the Muslims. 

Muslims from Jaffna 

It’s true that in October 1990 the Jaffna Muslims were expelled from Jaffna peninsula by the LTTE – Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. But it takes time for the truth to be revealed. Recently, I was told that it was an arbitrary act by Gopalaswamy Mahendraraja alias ‘Mathaya’ in the LTTE. The leadership had endorsed it without realising its roots. Readers must do their own analysis to understand who was behind this move to bring shame to the LTTE! It took years for the LTTE to realise this behind-the-scene manipulation by a powerful political party abroad with links to a strong power. 

However, since 1995, Jaffna has been fully under the control of the Sri Lankan security forces. If the GOSL really sympathised with Jaffna Muslims, why didn’t they re-settle the Muslims in Jaffna from 1995 onwards? The fact is that the GOSL used Jaffna and Mannar Muslims for their international propaganda against the LTTE. This added more fuel to the burning anger between Tamils and Muslims. 

GOSL used this opportunity and motivated extreme Muslims to destroy and confiscate Tamils’ properties – land, paddy fields, fishing industry, shops, schools, temples, etc in the East. Tamils’ complaints about these incidents fell on the deaf ears of the GOSL. 

Also, GOSL recruited Muslims, especially youths into their intelligence services and used them to torture and interrogate Tamil youths who were fighting for their right to self-determination. In brief, rather than finding a solution to the bloody ethnic conflict, every regime in Sri Lanka found short cuts and cunning methods to suppress the voice of the Tamils, especially by using Muslims in the island. 

The whole world knew about what happened between October and December last year in the Sri Lankan parliament. The Prime Minister who had the majority in the Parliament was sacked by the unintelligent President who then gave the role of Prime Minister to a power-hungry monster who had no majority in the Parliament. However, this was resolved with the genuine support of MPs from the Tamil National Alliance – TNA. 

As soon as this Parliamentary dilemma was resolved, in order to take revenge on the TNA, in other words on Tamils; the unintelligent President Sirisena, appointed the most extremist Muslim as the new governor of the Eastern province. This man had been terrorising the Tamil people in the East for decades. To be noted, presently Hizbullah is accused by many including by the government sources, as one of the men believed to be an ardent supporter of the group which carried out the attacks on Easter Sunday. Please do listen to this YouTube which is in Tamil to know the background of the ex-governor Hizbullah in the East.

President is puzzled 

Every government top position in the East has been deliberately given to the Muslims by the unintelligent President Sirisena. This is to create turmoil among the Tamils and the Muslims. 

Presently the disappointed witless President is puzzled and is finding it difficult to arrest the ex-governor of the East. To be frank, appointing a Muslim as the governor to the Eastern province is not the issue here. Whether one likes it or not, just like he appointed an academic as the governor to the North, he could have appointed a Muslim academic as the governor to the East as well. Of course, an individual without an extremist history against Tamils.  

Since Easter Sunday the Sri Lankan military have been making the most ugly and desperate moves. Of course, with the advice of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence – MOD. As I said before, rather than finding durable solutions to the ethnic conflict or finding a way to prevent future attacks on religious grounds, the government forces have approached the LTTE cadres, shedding crocodile tears, praising, apologising to them and requesting those cadres to join their forces. There is no doubt that this idea is to get ‘two birds with one stone’. This is not a genuine offer to the LTTE cadres from the GOSL. 

Firstly, the Sinhala Buddhist regime is finding a cunning way of setting LTTE cadres against the Muslims in the North, East and elsewhere. Secondly by this method they are trying to halt the pressure from the IC on reconciliation and accountability. The IC should be aware of this dangerous move by the GOSL. 

If the government had been genuine and honest in their approach to the LTTE cadres, like they had pardoned and released JVP members in the past, foremost of all, they should have released all LTTE cadres who are in prison. Also, they should provide information on the whereabouts of those who were ‘disappeared’ after surrendering to the military. We know that the man who was flown in from Singapore is the man behind this entirely new approach. He is the man who manipulated and separated Karuna and KP from the LTTE. 

Remote-control can do wonders 

Sri Lankan rulers should be honest about what is in their heart. They think that they have fooled the Tamils and now they are fooling the IC. This is not going to work in the long run. Sooner or later history will prove that they have fooled themselves. Let us wait and see. 

The latest is that under the command of LTTE defector Karuna, GOSL has already established a force to counter Muslim extremism in the East and elsewhere! 

Now let me come to the real story. In the recent past, the news in the local media said that a “Sri Lanka intelligence officer who wished to remain anonymous has told local journalists that investigations had confirmed that the Easter Sunday attacks were carried out purely by a local group” (Colombo Gazette of 15 June 2019). If so, firstly people with average intelligence should ask themselves – then who were the local culprits of these Easter Sunday attacks? 

Now we can form the opinion that the attack in New Zealand has no connection to the East Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. 

According to the Sri Lankan deputy defence Minister, ‘the attackers were well educated from well-off families – financially independent’. 

Secondly people should ask themselves whether the man believed to be the prominent leader or the founder of this extreme Islamic group volunteered to go on this mission or not? The theory shows that if the leader or founder is eliminated then his/her group becomes unmoveable or paralysed. 

If the leader of this group is really believed to have carried out one of those attacks on Easter Sunday, then the question arises, who were behind these attacks? Everyone knows that ‘remote control’ can do wonders! 

We should not forget that there is ample evidence to prove that all those nine attackers on the Easter Sunday were on the Payroll of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence – MOD and they were well known to earlier and present rulers in Sri Lanka. If so, what conclusion can be drawn? 

Since the Easter Sunday attacks, anyone following and analysing the news items and statements said or given by Southern politicians as well as the Security personnel, will wonder why the Sri Lankan intelligence service remains silent regarding the attacks. 

Man from Singapore 

The Ministry of Defence has imported the so-called expert on terrorism from Singapore, to sabotage the truth being exposed about what really took place on Easter Sunday.This ‘expert’ is talking fiction and covering up the involvement of the MOD. They are misleading the public while they buy time to make progress in their four pillars – Buddhisation, Sinhalisation, Militarisation and Colonisation. 

Also, this is a perfect opportunity to analyse the statements of the Southern politicians, Buddhist monks and Security forces to see how far they have misled the International Community regarding the thirty years of war in exercise of the right to self-determination of the Tamils. Now they are shedding crocodile tears to succeed in finalising their four pillars with the help of the Tamils. 

I could write pages about what has happened and is happening presently in Sri Lanka. In Brief, the Sri Lankan intelligence service strongly believes that for Sri Lanka to become a pure Sinhala Buddhist country, a strong Sinhala Buddhist should win the next Presidential election. For this reason, the attacks on Easter Sunday, the resignation of the Muslims Ministers and deputies, the release of extreme Buddhist monks, etc are all paths proving that Sri Lanka is successfully moving towards becoming an absolute Sinhala Buddhist country. 

Selfish Muslims may think that by holding a candle to different governments in power; they can survive and do wonders in Sri Lanka. Some empty-headed Tamil politicians – veterans and apprentices may think that their soft approach to the government will allow them to get at least the 13th amendment. But this is all a dream.  

Regardless of the cost of human sacrifices and huge material damage, Sri Lanka is successfully moving towards absolute Sinhala Buddhist identity – Buddham Sharanam Gachchami, Dharmam Sharanam Gachchami and Sangham Sharanam Gachchami. Three chanting of Buddha – the first one ‘Buddham Sharanam Gachchami’ denotes that the disciple is now surrendered to the Buddha, awakened one. The second one ‘Dharamam Sharanam Gachchami’, the law of nature /  the law of creator and the third one, ‘Sangham Sharanam Gachchami’, the disciple now surrender to this club.(end) 

S. V. KIRUBAharan 



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