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Expanding access to IT Education: DP Education IT Campus Programme inaugurates 131st Branch

April 07, Colombo (LNW): The 131st branch of the ‘DP Education IT Campus’ programme was inaugurated at the Sri Gangarama Temple in the Ayagama Divisional Secretariat of Ratnapura District on April 03, 2024.

This milestone event marks a significant step towards achieving the programme’s overarching goal of generating one million jobs in the field of information technology.

Led by the Deputy Registrar of Ayagama Sri Gangarama Temple and Registrar of Ayagama Shasanarakshaka Bureau, Venerable Rambukpotha Dhammadinna Thero, alongside ‘DP Education’ Operations Manager, Sandunika Wanigaratna, the inauguration ceremony garnered participation from various local dignitaries.

Among the attendees were the Ayagama Divisional Secretary, school principals, the Police Superintendent, Grama Niladhari officers, Samurdhi officers, and numerous others from the community.

Currently, the newly established IT Campus is catering to the educational needs of 800 students, providing them with valuable skills in computer language.

The course, valued at Rs 2.5 million, is offered entirely free of charge through the ‘DP Education IT Campus’, affiliated with the ‘DP Education’ programme under the auspices of the ‘Dhammika and Priscilla Perera Foundation’.

Designed with a strong focus on job readiness, this course equips young learners with the skills necessary to pursue lucrative IT careers within their local communities.

The DP Education IT Campus programme has been instrumental in democratising access to IT education across Sri Lanka.

With a total of 122,000 students enrolled in the physical branches established in 131 different divisional secretariats nationwide, and an additional 120,000 students accessing the course online, the programme has reached an impressive 242,000 students to date.

Looking ahead, the programme aims to establish a DP Education IT campus branch in every divisional secretariat across the island, further expanding opportunities for IT education and employment.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to explore the DP Education IT Campus programme through, providing their children with a pathway to secure high-paying IT jobs in the future.

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