Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Hydroelectricity only for two more weeks – reservoirs won’t be full until May

Power cuts are reportedly have to be carried out until the reservoirs used for hydroelectricity are sufficient filled. The power outages, therefore, are likely to continue for at least another three months, experts in the field warned.

The areas in which these reservoirs are located will not receive sufficient rainfall until the end of May, despite the intermittent showers before the month, revealed the Meteorological Department.

The water levels in the reservoirs used for power generation can only be used for another two weeks, and chances are high that the hydroelectricity generation may be disrupted if there are now showers.

The above circumstances appear in the midst of an escalating fuel crisis, further endangering the process of generating power in the future. Experts also warn that the existing power cuts are likely to be extend by a few more hours, should the crises continue.


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