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Challenges mount in rescuing Sri Lankans held captive in Myanmar’s Myawaddy area

April 08, Colombo (LNW): The military administration in Myanmar has indicated the difficulty of rescuing 48 Sri Lankans held captive by cybercrime operatives in the Myawaddy area, as it is controlled by ethnic armed groups, a report by Daily Mirror disclosed.

Among the 56 Sri Lankan victims of cybercrimes, eight have been successfully rescued, according to report.

Presently, arrangements are being made to repatriate them to Sri Lanka via Thailand due to the challenges of transporting them by road from Myawaddy to Yangon, where they would board flights back home.

However, the transit route remains obstructed.

Despite efforts, the rescue operation for the remaining 48 Sri Lankans has encountered obstacles, conveyed the military government of Myanmar.

The complexities involved suggest that a rescue attempt might necessitate a military operation, potentially endangering the lives of the captives.

In response, the military government has requested additional time to devise a strategic plan for their rescue.

The Sri Lankan government has exhausted diplomatic channels to engage with Myanmar authorities, including a direct appeal from President Ranil Wickremesinghe to Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing for prompt assistance in securing their release.

Furthermore, numerous other Sri Lankans engaged in illicit activities within the cybercrime region have shown reluctance to return to Sri Lanka.

However, the exact number of such individuals remains uncertain at present, the report further added.

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