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Concerning surge in road accidents claims 10 Lives within 24 hrs: Authorities urge driver vigilance

April 15, Colombo (LNW): Over the past 24 hours, Sri Lanka witnessed a concerning surge in road accidents, with a total of eight reported incidents resulting in 10 fatalities, according to Police Media Spokesman DIG Thalduwa.

Among these incidents, five were attributed to vehicles veering off the roads, indicating potential factors such as adverse weather conditions or driver error.

Law enforcement authorities highlight a prevalent trend of driver negligence contributing significantly to road accidents.

Consequently, they emphasised the critical importance of heightened vigilance and strict adherence to traffic regulations among motorists.

This recent uptick in road accidents requires the ongoing need for comprehensive road safety measures and public awareness campaigns aimed at promoting responsible driving habits and reducing the incidence of avoidable tragedies on the roads.

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