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Ministry of Defence Clarifies General Amnesty for AWOL Tri-Forces Personnel

April 20, Colombo (LNW): The Ministry of Defence has clarified that the general amnesty period announced from April 20 to May 20 for members of the tri-forces marked as Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) does not extend to Commissioned Officers.

In a press release issued on the 19th, the ministry specified that the amnesty applies solely to Other Ranks personnel who have not reported for duty without leave on or before December 31, 2023. Those who voluntarily report during this period will be legally discharged from their respective services.

However, certain categories have been excluded from the amnesty due to expenses incurred for their specialized training and the challenges in maintaining operations in their sectors. The excluded categories vary across the Army, Navy, and Air Force and include healthcare professionals, technicians, and specialized personnel.

The ministry also outlined criteria for absentees currently abroad to obtain discharge without returning to their regiments, provided they meet specific conditions and have no pending disciplinary actions besides being AWOL.

Additionally, Other Rank personnel abroad seeking discharge during the amnesty period can appoint a representative with a Power of Attorney, duly attested, to facilitate the process either at the Embassy of Sri Lanka or through a qualified legal professional in the respective foreign country.

The clarification aims to ensure a smooth implementation of the general amnesty while addressing the unique circumstances of AWOL personnel and streamlining the discharge process for those seeking to return to civilian life.

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