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Ceylon Teachers’ Union reports severe shortage of 40,000 teachers nationwide

April 21, Colombo (LNW): A concerning shortage of 40,000 teachers across schools throughout the country has been brought to light by Joseph Stalin, Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union.

In a recent briefing, Stalin highlighted the critical deficiency in teaching staff spanning various provinces, including the Western, Eastern, North-Central, Southern, and Uva Provinces.

The Western Province faces the most acute shortage, with nearly 7,000 teaching positions unfilled, according to the union’s findings.

Similarly, the Eastern Province reports approximately 3,800 vacancies, while the North-Central Province records 3,698 vacancies.

The Southern Province contends with 3,100 vacancies, and the Central Province reports nearly 6,200 vacancies.

Stalin voiced concern over what he believed as deliberate delays by the government in appointing teachers, ostensibly to mitigate government expenditures.

He warned of the imminent consequences for schools in these regions if the existing vacancies remain unaddressed.

Despite the government’s recruitment drives, including the hiring of 2,500 teachers on two occasions for the Western Province, the Union Secretary criticised the efficacy of these efforts.

He lamented the lack of proper recruitment procedures, noting the potential repercussions as schools prepare to commence the new academic term without adequate teaching staff.

In light of these challenges, Stalin underscored the urgent need for a systematic approach to assigning teachers to existing vacancies, thereby emphasising the importance of prioritising the education sector’s staffing requirements.

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