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Missing person found alive after five-day ordeal near Adam’s Peak

April 25, Colombo (LNW): In a dramatic turn of events, a 32-year-old Sri Lankan man, missing since April 17 after leaping over a safety fence near Adam’s Peak, has been located safe and alive, following a massive search effort by local authorities.

The man, identified as Dinesha Hemantha (32) from Suriyawewa, Hambantota, made the daring decision to jump over the fence while journeying with a group of pilgrims towards the revered peak, according to Police.

His actions triggered an extensive search operation coordinated by the local Police, Police Special Task Force, and the Sri Lanka Army.

After days of intense searching, local residents in Nallatanniya spotted Dinesha on April 24, prompting immediate intervention by authorities.

Responding promptly, police officers located him near a canal bordering the Sripada Reserve, where he was found dehydrated and in need of medical attention.

Despite sustaining minor leg injuries, Dinesha recounted having no recollection of his time at the Upper Terrace of Adam’s Peak.

He shared that he woke up near the canal, surviving for five days by navigating downstream, seeking refuge in rock caves, and relying solely on water for sustenance.

Following his discovery, Dinesha was promptly admitted to Dik Oya Hospital for necessary medical care, after receiving initial treatment at Maskeliya Regional Hospital.

The motives behind Dinesha’s decision to jump over the safety fence remain unclear, as authorities continue their investigation into the incident.

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