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Sri Lanka Initiates First Strawberry Cultivation Model Village in Nuwara Eliya

April 26, Colombo (LNW): a pioneering move, the Agrarian Development Department is spearheading Sri Lanka’s maiden venture into strawberry cultivation with the establishment of a model village in Nuwara Eliya. Agriculture and Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera championed this initiative, directing the Agrarian Development Department to embark on this endeavor as part of the government’s drive to introduce farmers to novel crops and cutting-edge agricultural techniques tailored for export markets.

Under Minister Amaraweera’s guidance, the Agrarian Development Department has meticulously crafted plans to kickstart strawberry cultivation in Nuwara Eliya. Forty farmers have been handpicked for this groundbreaking project, with the department facilitating financial support, provision of strawberry plants, and the dissemination of modern farming technologies essential for successful cultivation.

Each farmer’s investment in this endeavor amounts to approximately Rs. 1.3 million, with the Agrarian Development Department generously covering Rs. 750,000 of the total cost, requiring no reimbursement. The remaining sum of six lakhs is to be shouldered by the participating farmers.

With a commitment of Rs. 30 million earmarked for the initiative, the Agrarian Development Department is empowering these selected farmers to venture into strawberry cultivation within specially constructed net houses in Nuwara Eliya. Equipped with advanced automation capabilities controlled via remote applications, these net houses promise optimal conditions for cultivating strawberries.

Ahead of the cultivation launch, arrangements are underway to import the requisite strawberry plants before month-end, with each net house set to accommodate over 300 plants. A. M. H. L. Abeyrathna, the Commissioner General of the Agrarian Development Department, affirmed that cultivation will commence promptly upon the arrival of the plants in Sri Lanka.

This groundbreaking venture isn’t just for local consumption but also targets international markets, with the Agrarian Development Department facilitating avenues for farmers to sell their produce. Minister Amaraweera emphasized that the establishment of this pioneering strawberry cultivation model village aligns with the Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship Village program.

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