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President advocates agricultural growth at “Dilmah Cinnamon” launch event

April 30, Colombo (LNW): President Ranil Wickremesinghe has reiterated the government’s commitment to enhancing the role of agriculture in Sri Lanka’s economic development.

Speaking at the “Dilmah Cinnamon” launch event in Colombo on April 28th, he underscored the importance of agricultural modernisation initiatives, particularly focusing on popularising cinnamon cultivation, a historically significant export crop for the country.

The event marked the entry of the renowned “Dilmah” brand into the Sri Lankan cinnamon industry, expanding its domestic exports to introduce high-quality cinnamon products to the global market.

President Wickremesinghe, alongside distinguished guests including Master Chef Thomas Gugler, symbolically unveiled the Dilmah Cinnamon products.

Highlighting the historical significance of cinnamon in Sri Lanka’s past, the President emphasised its pivotal role in shaping the country’s economic landscape.

He recounted historical narratives demonstrating cinnamon’s influence on ancient kingdoms and trade dynamics, expressing gratitude to Dilmah for reviving the legacy of “Ceylon Cinnamon” akin to its success with “Ceylon Tea.”

Wickremesinghe emphasised the government’s commitment to leveraging agriculture for economic transformation, recognising agriculture as a cornerstone of Sri Lanka’s heritage and economy from ancient times until independence in 1948.

He underscored the need for a beneficiary-centric approach, emphasising collaboration between the government and the private sector in modernising the agricultural sector.

Acknowledging Dilmah’s initiative in resurrecting the “Ceylon Cinnamon” brand, President Wickremesinghe assured the government’s support for furthering the sector’s growth and development.

He extended well wishes to Dilmah and reiterated readiness to provide necessary assistance for their endeavours.

The event was attended by prominent figures including Prof. Maithree Wickramasinghe, Minister of Health and Industries Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, and high commissioners and ambassadors. Chairman of the Dilmah Group Mr. Dilhan Fernando and distinguished guests graced the occasion, marking a significant milestone in Sri Lanka’s cinnamon industry.

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