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Police prohibit drone camera usage without permission at May Day rallies

April 30, Colombo (LNW): The deployment of drone cameras during this year’s May Day (May 01) rallies without prior permission is strictly prohibited, emphasised Police Spokesman Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Nihal Thalduwa,

Thalduwa issued this statement regarding the usage of drone cameras at May Day rally sites, as multiple political parties plan to hold separate May Day rallies across the country.

This directive aims to ensure the safety and security of May Day events and participants while also preventing any potential disruptions or unauthorised surveillance activities.

The use of drone cameras without proper authorisation could pose risks to public safety and infringe upon individual privacy rights.

By enforcing this regulation, law enforcement authorities seek to maintain order and uphold the integrity of May Day rallies, which serve as platforms for peaceful assembly and expression of various socio-political views.

Meanwhile, Thalduwa further announced that six thousand police officers will be ‘strategically’ deployed during the holding of May Day rallies in the Colombo city.

An additional contingent of four thousand officers will be placed in other regions for security measures, he added.

The Police Spokesman further emphasised the possibility of deployment of military support, if required.

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