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SL observes International Labour Day with vibrant celebrations and calls for labour rights

May 01, Colombo (LNW): Today (May 01) Sri Lanka joins the global community in commemorating International Labour Day, a significant occasion that pays homage to the historic struggles for workers’ rights and the establishment of the eight-hour workday.

This day serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to uphold labour rights and ensure fair treatment for all workers.

Across the nation, various political parties, independent groups, and trade unions are actively participating in a plethora of activities to celebrate International Labour Day.

With around 40 marches and rallies planned in Colombo and other major cities, as reported by the Department of Government Information, the atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm and solidarity as workers come together to voice their concerns and advocate for their rights.

These celebrations not only serve as a platform for workers to express their solidarity but also highlight the importance of addressing key issues affecting the labour force in Sri Lanka.

From fair wages and working conditions to job security and social protections, the demands of workers encompass a wide range of concerns that require attention and action from policymakers and employers alike.

As the country reflects on the significance of International Labour Day, it is essential to recognise the contributions and sacrifices of workers across various sectors.

From plantation workers to factory employees, construction workers to office staff, each individual plays a crucial role in driving the economy and shaping the nation’s progress.

Furthermore, International Labour Day serves as a moment of reflection on the progress made in advancing labour rights and the challenges that lie ahead.

While significant strides have been made in improving working conditions and implementing labour laws, there remain areas that require further attention and reform to ensure that all workers are treated fairly and equitably.

In the spirit of solidarity and unity, International Labour Day provides an opportunity for stakeholders to come together and reaffirm their commitment to upholding labour rights and promoting social justice.

By fostering dialogue and collaboration between workers, employers, and policymakers, Sri Lanka can move closer towards achieving a more just and equitable society where every worker is valued and respected.

~ A Message by Team LNW

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