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Controversy mounts over ERPM Part B Exam annulment at Eastern University Exam Centre

May 06, Colombo (LNW): The recent annulment of the Surgery Long and Short Cases components of the Examination to Register to Practice Medicine (ERPM) Part B Examination held at the Examinations Centre of Eastern University (Batticaloa) has triggered outrage and allegations of nepotism.

Allegations have surfaced against the President of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC), suggesting his involvement in the decision-making process regarding the annulment, in what the allegations propose his desirability for nepotism.

In a letter dated May 1, 2024, addressed to the Registrar of the SLMC, approximately 40 candidates who underwent the examination in April 2024 expressed their discontent over the sudden cancellation of the examination and the subsequent announcement of a fresh examination in May.

The decision appears arbitrary and discriminatory, adversely affecting their hard-earned marks and future career opportunities, the candidates argued.

According to the letter, the controversy arose following a complaint from a candidate regarding the absence of a translator during the examination.

Allegedly, the candidate in question is the daughter of a consultant with close ties to the President.

Instead of addressing the issue impartially, the President purportedly instructed to inflate marks for all candidates, including the consultant’s daughter, to ensure her passing.

Reportedly, when the examination coordinator and council members refused to comply with the President’s directive, he leveraged his position to nullify the examination for all candidates and mandated a re-examination for everyone, despite suggestions for a re-examination solely for affected candidates.

Furthermore, the letter accuses the President of appointing his associates to the investigation committee, potentially influencing the outcome of the inquiry.

In light of these concerns, the candidates urged the SLMC to reconsider the annulment decision and release their results, highlighting the significant and irreversible consequences they would face due to the decision.

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