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President stresses rural development and agricultural advancement: Over 2,000 Grama Niladhari officers appointed

May 09, Colombo (LNW): President Ranil Wickremesinghe underscored the pivotal role of agricultural progress in driving rural economic development during a ceremony at Temple Trees on Wednesday (08).

Addressing the event where 2,100 new Grama Niladhari officers received their appointment letters, President Wickremesinghe highlighted the importance of these officials in executing various government initiatives, particularly the agricultural modernisation programme.

Following the Grama Niladhari Service Examination held on 02nd December 2023, 2,100 candidates with the highest scores were appointed as Grama Niladhari officers at the Divisional Secretariat Divisional Level.

President Wickremesinghe distributed appointment letters to symbolise the commencement of their roles and briefed them on government schemes like “Aswesuma” and “Urumaya” aimed at uplifting low-income individuals and fostering community economic development.

The President commended the officers for their crucial role in shaping the country’s future and highlighted the significance of their administrative duties in the country’s basic administrative structure.

He emphasised the collaborative effort between Divisional Secretaries and Grama Niladhari officers, outlining key areas for joint action, including the “Aswesuma” programme to support low-income earners and initiatives to enhance income sources and land ownership rights.

Wickremesinghe stressed the importance of agriculture in revitalising the economy, citing recent successes in agricultural productivity and outlining a comprehensive strategy for agricultural development starting at the Divisional Secretariat Divisional Level.

He highlighted the role of private sector collaboration in agricultural modernisation and announced plans to extend the initiative to 100 Divisional Secretariat Divisions by the following year.

Additionally, the President mentioned ongoing efforts in rural education and health improvement and initiatives to streamline land deeds under the “Urumaya” programme.

He expressed confidence in the collective engagement of the community and anticipated the successful implementation of the programme’s objectives within the next two months.

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