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May 10, Colombo (LNW): The ruling by Diana Gamage can be hailed as a historic verdict delivered by the court, underscoring the trustworthiness of Sri Lanka’s legal system. The decision of that case was greatly influenced by the fact that she did not have the factors to become a public representative in this country. Her disqualification under immigration law from serving as a public representative was a determining factor. 

In Sri Lanka’s rugby , this immigration law does not limit a copper. The sports ministers who are appointed as people’s representatives have taken those who have international evidence that they are involved in violating that law, the constitutionally appointed Rugby administration is being interfered with and distracted to the administration. When they refuse to do so, they ask the government officials under them to behave like blind people, and Rugby is banned. But in those cases, the country’s judiciary acts independently, just like when Diana was removed. 

The Sri Lanka rugby administration once interpreted a Fijian as a citizen of Sri Lanka, and it was proven that he had played for Sri Lanka and was fined 50000 pounds by the International Rugby Federation. So whether the people who initiated it are kept in Sri Lanka’s rugby or not, it is up to the international community to fine Sri Lanka. Whether the association will bear it as an association without charging the fine from the people who were involved in the fine incident, and whether or not the person who tarnished the association’s name will be allowed to join the Sri Lanka Rugby or not is also a matter related to rugby. 

However, the Ministry of Sports is waiting for the people who worked outside the immigration law, which was strong enough to send Diana out, brought the country’s rugby game into a fraudulent place, and brought a fake name to the country’s name, not only in Sri Lanka’s rugby game but also in various sports. Also, they are waiting to allow them to deal with Asia and the world to disrupt Sri Lanka. 

Has the Department of Sports Development fined a sports administration under it £50,000? The reason for that is that the foreign players are presented to the world as citizens of Sri Lanka in such a way that a false name is added to Sri Lanka? Will those who did that be allowed to continue to be associated with the sports administration units of this country? Who were the main officials of the rugby at the time who were responsible for it? Are they not being punished for their crime? 

The sports development department has permission to inspect the documents of the rugby administration. Have  been fined £50,000? Is it because a foreigner is using the immigration law wrongly to play games in Sri Lanka? Then those involved in it become guilty by the constitution of the country for bringing the country into disrepute in front of the international community. 

Isn’t this an international scandal that has brought shame upon the country in the eyes of the global community? 

The Minister of Sports or the Director General of Sports will step in to penalize these individuals responsible for this historical misconduct. Furthermore, are there no rugby enthusiasts willing to pursue legal action in this country? We will await patiently in the name of the sport.”

The Minister of Sports or the Director General of Sports will intervene to punish these people who are responsible for this historical misconduct. And there are no rugby fans in this country willing to take legal action? We will wait patiently in the name of the game.

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