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President announces plans to pass women-empowering bills in Parliament by June

May 11, Colombo (LNW):President Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized his recognition of the challenges women face in safeguarding their families amidst the economic crisis.

He highlighted the government’s swift action by presenting two bills to the Parliament aimed at empowering women during this initial phase of economic recovery.

The President indicated that these bills are anticipated to be ratified by the Parliament in June, thereby enforcing a national policy on gender equality and women’s empowerment, the President’s Media Division said. 

This includes the establishment of a National Commission on Women and mechanisms to protect women’s rights and prevent violations thereof, including legal recourse.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe made these remarks during his keynote address at the unveiling of three “Anti-Violence Global Gestures” handprints against sexual violence targeting women and girls in public spaces, organized by DP Education at the Nelum Pokuna Theater in Colombo today (10), the PMD reported.

Addressing the gathering President Ranil Wickremesinghe said:“Mr. Dhammika Perera has initiated a transformative movement. 

His initiative against violence towards women deserves recognition. Enterprises such as DP Education should play a pivotal role in shaping future education. Historically, education was conducted outdoors under trees, using stone slabs as tools.

Over time, buildings and books became integral to the educational process. However, the advent of mobile phones has introduced new dynamics. 

Education has evolved from traditional temple-based learning to modern classroom settings. Today, technology such as smart classrooms is revolutionizing education.

Mr. Dhammika Perera’s introduction of DP Education represents a new paradigm in education. This foundation has provided resources to 600 schools, reshaping tuition classes as well.

With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), education stands poised for further revolution. It is imperative that children benefit from these advancements and efforts should be made to ensure universal access to quality education. 

While addressing violence against women, today’s event introduced techniques for prevention. Legislation against such violence is being introduced in parliament.

These hand signals serve as practical tools to combat violence against women, signalling our commitment to safeguarding women’s rights. Action must accompany words and through these signals, society can become more vigilant against violence towards women, fostering a culture of resistance.

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